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Gardening is a relaxing hobby for many people, and all over the world, people choose to do gardening on the weekend to spend some quality and relaxing time. The Gardenscapes game allows you to restore the old mansion garden, but it does need you to spend hours of planting, landscape planning, harvesting, and various plants grow.

The theme of the game allows you to take over the dilapidated mansion along with a huge garden that needs renovation, and you will get invited to the LGC (Local Gardening Club), and to ultimately win the best garden competition. It is a beautiful British style garden that is previously spread it out for you.  The only effort needed from you is choosing the method of objects that you will use to beautify it. You can find twenty objects categories, including statues, paving, ponds, seats, etc., and each category provides 3 different designs.

Assigning the objects is pre-arranged, and you can choose your own style and type of gardening. Some of these gardening elements are active, but, in general, the garden has beautiful designs. All the trees and plants are completely grown so that you will see the gardening results immediately.

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The mansion has the Austin the butler who is an enthusiastic golfer and Gardner; you may have to build a mini golf course if the butler demands at any point in the game.  The butler offers updates regularly on how you are taking the calls on the phone from the town people, but Austin’s main role is to take a walk in the garden and check and comment on the maintenance task. The garden is sparkling with butterflies, birds, the dog, and climate effects also.

The game is how to support your renovation project. Along with the garden, you will also get the mansion that is filled with junk that you can sell, and make money. This sale process continues, and the outpours of the prospective customers buy specific items and help you get money soon to start your renovation.

Once you enter the room, you will get the list of the desired objects provided by the people, and the mystery lies in locating these items scattered around the messy room.  In some cases, customers want more than one object while some other times you will be asked to find over 20 same objects.  The objects do not need to look same; they can be in different designs and colors, like a furry mouse, a gray color mouse, or a computer mouse, etc.

Casual clicking will interpret some objects, but some are unclear and with the need to be practically accurate to trigger them, which is why you should search carefully.  You can choose two methods when playing the Gardscapes, including a timed mode, which needs you to find the objects quickly when you get more money, and the second one is the relaxed mode, which allows you to take your own time to finish the game. You can also use the hint activators if needed, but, if you do not use them, then you will get more money.  You can also get a free thermometer that will show the cold and hot readings when you go close to the object.



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