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Little Bird Told Me

Ceramic Art and the National PEG TV Poetry Show

Eagle Koan

Eagle flew over old home.

Eagle grabs painful memories: grabs the mouse.

Memory clubs me over head.

Father Koan

I remember December lead in.

Fatherly Hungry Ghost offers dinner of  flesh.

He dined on my soul.

Rumor Koan

Hearts are kept in basement.

Humors gave no clue to idle rumors

Only the beggar can beg?

Criminal Koan

Everybody struck by awesome visitor.

Behold! Sherlock’s twin enters, presumptuously un-announced.

Who is the criminal?



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Since around 1996 I have been

attending San Francisco Poetry Open Mics,

doing audio and video podcasts of the poets

and thru time eventually starting a

nationally syndicated Public Access

Poetry TV Show co-hosted with

Asian Poet Clara Hsu.

On the following pages you will find

hundreds of hours of poetry to listen to

and watch.

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Below in the other sections of my page I will include descriptions of my books and something about my pottery

John Rhodes' 1rst Novel, Little Bird Told Me.

In the early new millennium, out of an interest in my own DNA and hippie spiritualism, I wrote a book about some hippies with doubts about their family origins who research their DNA. They bottom out and rise from the depths to the highest of heights.



John Rhodes 2nd Poetry Book:  

Mystic Babylon Revisited.

In this poetry book published a few years ago I honed my skills at poetry and I feel that, although my early poetry is very good, this poetry shows a little more structure. I dedicated the book to Jan kerouac who I knew when I was a young hippie in Yelapa, Mexico. The first chapter of her book "Baby Driver" is full of content we both had talked about down in Yelapa.


John Rhodes' 1rst Poetry Book, Spirits of Bondage and Inherent Transcendence

Around 1996 I went thru my second awakening. My first was when I was young which was an inner awakening. In 1996 I awoke outwardly and realized that what I wanted to do is apply the inner mystic science of the spirit to the outer world and to poetry. Just as there is "Applied Physics" I assumed there must be 'Applied Spirit".






My 3rd Poetry Book, Letters to Esmeralda.

This book just came out and I dedicated it to the Victor Hugo character, Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame who dies such a horrible death  with her mother in that book.  As you might learn, reading my writings, I have an "Obsession" about kidnappings and DNA.





Paper Cousins Vs. DNA Cousins Cousins


I am researching my DNA on Ancestrydna 23andme, Family Tree DNA, and shortly thru the Genographic project. I have listed probably around 50 DNACousins from 3rd to 6th cousins, mostly fourth. None of these DNA cousins Surnames match any part of my paper trail tree on There is fair indication I am Rhodes of some sort because  about 1/8th of the close cousins have Rhodes as a surname in their trees, although none of these Rhodes can be traced to my extensive tree. If anybody can confirm or nullify my doubting Thomas attitude about this please contact me on

John Rhodes Born 1952 Carbondale Illinois. Father: Howard Edgar Rhodes. Mother Jacqueline Rhodes